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About OpenVK

OpenVK Altair Preview (8786bd36-nightly)

OpenVK Altair Preview (8786bd36-nightly)
Chandler 0.0.1
Configuration file path /opt/chandler/extensions/available/openvk
Loaded configuration file /opt/chandler/extensions/available/openvk/openvk.yml
PHP 8.2.7
This program makes use of the Chandler open-source web application server:
libchandler 0.0.1 by Celestora


Name Instance value Master value
Instance name OpenVK N/A
MOTD время подавать напитки и вершить судьбы… N/A
Female gender priority Enabled Enabled
Complex upload processing Enabled Enabled
Upload processing module mup_server mup_basic
Upload processing options use cdn, upload to remote (none)
Forbidden short addresses index.php, tour (none)
Registration Enabled Enabled
Ads Enabled Disabled
Fartscroll Disabled Disabled
NDA Test Label Disabled Disabled
Number verification SMS Disabled
Notifications Enabled (Yandex Clickhouse or Percona) Disabled
Session duration 14 days 1 day



Themepack driver version 0 (Jesting Jill)
Extension driver version N/A


Name Status Version Description Author
Fore Default Altair Preview (8786bd36-nightly) Default OpenVK look and feel. Vladimir Barinov, Konstantin Kichulkin and Daniel Myslivets
Windows XP [ZAZiOs & DM] Enabled WARN: This theme… ZAZiOs, Daniel Myslivets
OpenVK [by Daniel Myslivets] Enabled OpenVK cute theme :3 Daniel Myslivets
TheFacebook 2005 Enabled Тема в стиле The… Ash Defenders
OpenVK Midnight Enabled A dark theme for… Lumaeris
OpenVK Mobile Enabled Official mobile… Daniel Myslivets
Nature Enabled Тема для OpenVK… Daniel Myslivets
OpenVK Modern Enabled OpenVK theme in… Mikita Wiśniewski (rudzik8)
OpenVK SpacePink [by Ash Defenders] Enabled Розовая тема… Ash Defenders
VK [by Ash Defenders] Enabled Смесь нового и… Ash Defenders
V Kontakte 2006 [by Veselcraft] Enabled Тема в стиле В… Veselcraft
V Kontakte 2006 Beta [by Ash Defenders] Enabled Тема в стиле В… Ash Defenders
V Kontakte 2007 Enabled Тема в стиле В… Veselcraft, Dmitrij Ivčenko
VK 2012 [by Ash Defenders] Enabled Тема в стиле… Ash Defenders
VK 2015 [by Ash Defenders] Enabled Дизайн ВКонтакте… Ash Defenders
VK 2015 Dark Theme Enabled Тёмная тема, а… Ash Defenders
VK Night Enabled Смесь нового и… Ash Defenders Enabled Переделанная тема… Ash Defenders feat. Jill
ВСоюзе [by Ash Defenders] Enabled Тема ВСоюзе 1 апреля Ash Defenders
VTlenu [by Ash Defenders] Enabled Тема Втлену для… Ash Defenders

OpenVK Credits

OpenVK Development Force
Vladimir Barinov (veselcraft), Celestora, Konstantin Kichulkin (kosfurler), Nikita Volkov (sup_ban), Daniel Myslivets, Maxim Leshchenko (maksales / maksalees) and n1rwana
OpenVK Design and Concept
Vladimir Barinov (veselcraft) and Konstantin Kichulkin (kosfurler)
OpenVK is a free open source software that "cosplays" (or imitates) older versions of a Russian social network called VKontakte. VKontakte belongs to Pavel Durov and VK Group.
Language Native name Author(s)
Russian Русский OpenVK Team
English English OpenVK Team
Ukrainian Українcька Aqukie ([email protected]), Andrej Lenťaj, Maxim Hrabovi (dechioyo) and Kirill (mbsoft)
Belarussian Беларуская (Наркамоўка) Daniil Myslivets (myslivets) and MoccoCoffee
Belarussian (Latin) Biełaruskaja (Łacinka) MoccoCoffee
Polish Polski Kirill (mbsoft)
German Deutsch SamyoFox
Armenian Հայերեն Life'sMinder
Serbian (cyrillic) Српски (Ћирилица) Ivan Denisov (Dma Games)
Serbian (latin) Srpski (Latinica) Ivan Denisov (Dma Games)
Turkish Türkçe Bedirhan Kurt (WindOWZ)
Kazakh Қазақша ayaao.p
Pre-revolutionary Дореволюцiонный Mikitko Wiśniewski (rudzik8)
Esperanto Esperanto n1rwana
Soviet Советский mohooks
Russian (Latin) Russkij (Latinica) IsamiRi (@isamirivers)
Udmurtskiy Удмуртский mohooks
Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia loliconazter
qqx qqx celestora
Additional mentions
Contribution Author
Initial hosting Lumaeris and Celestora
Initial bug-tracker hosting Alexey Assemblerov (BiosNod)
Images Vladimir Barinov (veselcraft), Konstantin Kichulkin (kosfurler) and Daniel Myslivets
Illustrations Ash Defenders, Polina Katunina (RousPhaul)
Best barmaid Jill
Initial Helpdesk implementation Nikita Volkov (sup_ban)
OpenVK QA Team
kovaltim, Vladimir Lapskiy (0x7d5), Alexander Minkin (WerySkok), Polina Katunina (RousPhaul), veth, Egor Shevchenko, Vadim Korovin (yuni), Ash Defenders, Pavel Silaev, Dmitriy Daemon, Lumaeris, cmed404 and unknown tester, who disappeared shortly after trying to upload post with cat.

OpenVK License

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (version 2.1) as published by the Free Software Foundation.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1 for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along with this program (COPYING file in extension root); if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.