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Site Tour

Site Tour


"And what if I don't like this site?"

Where to start?

  • Registering an account is the very first and most basic step in beginning your journey on this site.
  • To register you will need to enter your name, E-mail and password.
  • Remember: Your E-mail will be used as your login to the site. You also have the full right not to specify your last name when signing up. In case you lost your password to enter the site, use the recovery page

By registering on the site, you agree to site rules and privacy policy

Your Profile

  • Upon registration, you'll be redirected to your profile automatically.
  • You have the flexibility to edit it at any time and from anywhere.
  • Hint: To enhance your profile's appearance, consider filling it with information or uploading a photo that reflects your inner world.

You decide how much information you want to share with your friends.

Set Your Privacy Settings

  • Define who can access specific types of information and sections on your page.
  • You can block access to your page from search engines and unregistered users.
  • Remember: Privacy settings will be expanded in the future.

Profile URL

  • After registering, your page is assigned a personal ID like @id12345.
  • The default ID obtained at registration cannot be changed.
  • However, in your page settings, you can link a personal address that can be changed at any time.
  • Hint: Choose an address that's at least 5 characters long for a cool URL :)

Supports any short address in lowercase Latin letters; the address may contain numbers (not at the beginning), periods, and underscores (not at the beginning or end)


Share Your Photo Moments

  • The "Photos" section becomes available in your profile as soon as you sign up.
  • Explore user photo albums and create your own.
  • Control access to all your photo albums for other users in the page privacy settings.

Create an unlimited number of photo albums for your travels, events, or just to store memes.

Upload and Share Videos with Your Friends!

  • You can upload an unlimited number of videos and clips.
  • Control the "Videos" section through privacy settings.

Upload videos directly to the wall, bypassing the "Videos" section:

Importing Videos from YouTube

  • In addition to direct uploads, the site also supports embedding videos from YouTube.

Listen to music

  • You can listen to music in "My Audios"
  • This section is also controlled by the privacy settings.
  • The most listened songs are in "Popular", and recently uploaded songs are in "New"
  • To add a song to your collection, hover over it and click on the "plus". You can search for the song you want.
  • If you can't find the song you want, you can upload it yourself

Important: the song must not infringe copyright

Create playlists

  • You can create playlists in the "My Playlists" tab
  • You can also add another's playlists to your collection

Stay Updated with Your Friends' Updates

  • The 'My News' section is divided into two types: local feed and global feed.
  • The local feed exclusively displays updates from your friends and groups.

No recommendation system. You have the power to curate your own news feed.

Explore Site-wide Discussions

  • The global newsfeed showcases posts from all site users and groups.
  • Note: Viewer discretion is advised, as this section may contain content not suitable for sensitive individuals.

The design of the global feed is identical to the local feed.

The feed encompasses various content types, including regular photos, videos, anonymous posts, and polls.

Create Groups!

  • Explore thousands of groups on the site covering diverse topics and fan communities.
  • Join any group that interests you, and if you can't find one, feel free to create your own.
  • Each group comes with its dedicated section of wiki pages, photo albums, a block of links, and discussion forums.

Find the "My Groups" section in the left menu of the site.

Example Group

Manage Your Group with a Friend

  • Navigate to the "Edit Group" section under the community avatar to manage your group.
  • Build a team of administrators from regular participants or individuals you trust.
  • You have the option to hide specific administrators, ensuring they remain discreet within your group.

Groups often represent real organizations, with members wanting to stay connected with their audiences.


  • I would be very happy to do a tutorial on this section, but it's still under development. For now, let's skip it and move on...


  • Upon registration, the default theme will be set as your appearance.
  • Some new users might find the current default theme a bit dated.
  • No worries: You can create your own theme by reading the documentation or choose one from the catalog.

A catalog of themes is available under "My Settings" in the "Interface" tab.

Profile and Group Backgrounds

  • You can set two images as the background of your page.
  • They will be displayed on the sides for those who visit your page.

Background Setup Page

  • Hint: Before setting the background, experiment with the layout—try mirroring the future background image or creating a nice gradient.

Examples of Pages with Set Backgrounds

Add more personality to your profile with this feature.


  • You can choose to display the user's avatar in standard, rounded, or square (1:1) styles.
  • These settings are visible only to you.

Editing the Left Menu

  • Hide unnecessary sections of the site if needed.
  • Remember: Essential sections like My Page, My Friends, My Answers, and My Settings cannot be hidden.

View of Posts

  • If you're tired of the old wall design from the once-popular original VKontakte, change the post look to Microblog.
  • You can switch between the two post views at any time.
  • Note: If you choose the old post view, the latest comments will not be loaded.



  • OpenVK features a promo code system designed to add various currencies such as rating percentages, votes, and more.
  • These coupons are created for significant events and holidays. Stay updated on the latest by following the OpenVK Telegram channel.

Promo codes consist of 24 digits and letters.

  • Upon activating a promo code, the currency determined by administrators will be transferred to your account.
  • Remember: All promo codes have a limited activation period.

Successful activation, for example, results in the crediting of 100 votes.

Attention: Once a promo code is activated on your page, the same code cannot be reactivated.

Mobile Version

  • Currently, there is no mobile web version of the site, but there is an Android mobile app.
  • OpenVK Legacy is an OpenVK mobile app designed for retro Android devices, featuring the design of the original VKontakte 3.0 app from 2013.
  • The minimum supported version is Android 2.1 Eclair, making devices from the early 2010s quite useful.


Where to Download?

  • Release versions can be downloaded through the official F-Droid repository.
  • If you're a beta tester, new app versions are posted to a separate update channel.
  • Note: The app may have various bugs and issues. If you encounter an error, please report it to the official app group.

That concludes the tour of the site. If you're interested in trying our mobile app, creating your group, inviting friends, or just having fun in general, you can do it now with a quick registration.